someone once told me that story truth can be truer than happening truth      


that the actuality of an event carries less weight than the version of things we perceive and mould and re-live in our hearts and minds


so when I walk you through my story      when I talk you through my story      it may not be exact              

it may be                  it may not be                                         

this shapeless thing shifts in my mind                                                                                                                   

a haze            vague no matter how sharp its edge feels at times


no matter that some bits sit like concrete in my gut            some bits of me sit hard as bones                           
      I know who I am     I know     I know         but the truth melts on my tongue sometimes                               


like my bones are made of plasticene sometimes          


and I fear I might lose my sense of me         I might lose my me          but then again I don’t want to be concrete so maybe I’m alright with the fact


alright with the fact that what I tell you may not be even close to fact                                                                               


it may be          it may not be                                          


In Tandem with the Past

How does our past run side by side with the present? How does it impact our sense of self and the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis? How does it shape our future? In Tandem with the Past explores the theme of memory, from the smells and sounds we remember from our childhood, to the obscurity and unfixed nature of what we sometimes recall. It prompts us to think about safe and happy moments from our past, as well as more painful times to untangle and release through conversation and creative expression.