Ongoing Work: Touching Palms

Touching Palms invites artists and community participants to come together to explore a theme that holds significance for them and experiment across mediums, moving away from the comfort zone of our usual conversations and practices.


It is about creating open and supportive spaces where we can forge connections, come closer to our authentic selves, explore alternate realities and move towards positive change. The project is founded in the belief that sustainable cultural shifts cannot occur without intimate explorations of our own lives and how we relate to one another, that the political and the personal, the extraordinary and the mundane are intricately linked.

The three chapters tie loosely together as a series that moves from the past (looking backwards, exploring memories and how these shape us), through the present (coming to terms with where we are now and allowing ourselves to mourn whatever loss that may entail), and towards the future (what do we dream of and where are we going next? What is possible for ourselves and our communities?). 

to touch // not to grasp _ not to clutch // but to hold close _ of its own desire _if_ it may desire // gentle as a palm in prayer // here we are // tiptoeing alongside whatever _it_ may be // in tandem with the archways of uncertainty // tracing stories with invisible ink // sinking from the mind _ heads turned up high in silence // expectant // and yet  _ without expectation _