Advocating for a more just and joyful world through art and creativity. Experimenting across art forms to bring people together and touch on things that matter.

This is a space to share a little about myself and some examples of my previous work.


in hushed silver streams
i will lay these seeds
remembering all the times I have
stood here like a soldier
watching, waiting
expecting my dreams to become
miraculous in a moment
rushing them to flower
before they have barely slept the night
in their earthy cocoon


this evening i will sow a protest
resist the urgency of metal cogs

slow and delicate
i will garden in the moonlight

colours green 2.jpg
some days so unknown.png

when i first met loss everything changed / all i knew became uncertain / unhinged / hanging on by a thread


daily routine / relationships / beliefs / all shook / my sense of who i was / shattered


it is a scary place the unknown / some days i want to lie my head on stable ground / to ask questions and receive answers

i want something to hold on tight to

but the unknown is also a place of opportunity

in this stripped back world we may be met with new truths / realise new dreams

uncertain / lost / full of possibility

there's a riddle
in my chest
that greets the bird

that beats its way

across my path

with fluttered wrings

that wind their way

across the earth

and through the wind

that holds the bird

and calls in riddles

to the flutter

in my chest


I want to curl into
the safety of your hold
but I find no space
to fold up into
and forget the world.

Instead I find a body
warm and breathing
and vulnerable as mine

We shift through the night
taking it in turns to cry
and be the comforter.


We are women
knotted together
in our grief
my mother and I.

her face held the knowing of a generation gone / lines on her forehead like a well rehearsed script / forged in despair but faded now into the traces of long lost love / lashes silver / delicate and wise as a spiders web in winter sun / and in her eyes a dancing nostalgia / inviting us to sit at her feet and
ask yet again for the tale of -